Understanding Insurance Issues

Four Reasons To Work With An Independent, Personal Insurance Agent

If you need insurance for a home, vehicle, or other items, there are a couple of approaches you can take. You could call an insurance company of your choice and just buy a policy through their agent. Or, you could contact a personal insurance agent, who works independently of insurance companies, and let this agent shop around and find insurance for you. While many people have good experiences buying directly from an insurance company, there are a few benefits of working with an independent personal insurance agent.

1. Independent agents compare quotes for you.

When you buy insurance through an independent insurance agent, you have access to the same companies and policies that you would have access to if shopping on your own. However, you won't have to spend hours online and on the phone getting quotes from those various companies yourself. Your agent will do that for you, compiling the quotes and showing them all to you at once so you can make your decision. You just give the agent your information once, and they use it to get multiple quotes.

2. Insurance agents are experts.

The field of insurance is far more complex than most people realize. There are a lot of nuances to some policies, and the policy that is best for your friend may not be the best one for you. Your insurance agent is a true expert in the field and can make sure you pick a policy that is right for your own, unique circumstances. They can also make sure you understand exactly what certain terms in your policy documents mean and what your policy does -- and does not -- cover.

3. An insurance agent will work as your advocate.

Do you like the coverage that one company offers, but find that their price is higher than what you can afford? An insurance agent can act on your behalf to try and negotiate with the various insurance companies. They may convince the more affordable company to expand their coverage to better suit your needs, or they might convince the other company to lower their rates on the plan you need. In the end, you'll get more customized, affordable coverage.

4. You can return to your agent with questions.

If you have questions about your policy a few months in or if your needs change, you can consult with the same agent again. They will remember your circumstances and can continue to help you find the best coverage for you. This is easier than starting over again with a new policy or new insurance company.