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Does Completing Driver School Offer A Discount On Car Insurance?

Driving school is something that anyone can attend, and it is something you can do in person in a classroom setting or online. The question you might have about this is whether completing a program like this will give you a discount on your car insurance. If you are wondering about this, here are some important details to know when it comes to driving school and your car insurance rates.

Teen drivers benefit a lot

If you are trying to save money on an auto insurance policy for your teenager, there are a lot of great ways to do this and having your teen complete driving school is one of them. Many insurance companies will offer discounts for this, and the discount is usually somewhere between 10% to 20%. There are companies that might even offer bigger discounts than this, but it all depends on the company and on a lot of other details.

In addition to the discount you could save, the driving school also offers a way for teens to learn better driving strategies and methods, which means you might worry less when your teen is out driving around. Teens that attend driving school might have a lower rate of getting in an accident, simply because they learned strategies for safe, defensive driving.

People with points may also benefit

The other group of people that may benefit by completing a driving school course is those who have points on their driver's license. While not every state uses a point system, most do, and this system basically gives everyone a driver's license with zero points from the start. Points are added anytime a person gets a traffic violation of any kind, and when there are too many points on a person's license, that person risks losing his or her license.

The other thing to know about points is that they can cause insurance rates to increase. In other words, you would pay more for your car insurance if you had points on your license versus if you did not have any points.

The good news is that attending driving school sometimes offers a way to eliminate points for a driver's license. Completing a course might not eliminate every point you have, but it could eliminate some of your points. If this is possible, you could likely pay lower rates for your car insurance, simply by having fewer points on your license.

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