Understanding Insurance Issues

How An Insurance Damages Expert Can Get You More Money Than Your Insurer Is Offering

The insurance agent that sells you your policy might have nothing but great things to say about how the company they work for takes care of their customers. But there is another side to the insurance industry that you will not become familiar with until you actually need to file a claim. Even the most reputable insurance providers have a natural inclination to try and keep their expenses down when paying out claims in order to protect the company's bottom line. This is how you could end up with an insurance damages expert or adjuster who is being paid for by the insurance company and it likely won't be a surprise if this person writes up a report that tries to keep your payout to a minimum.

But even if you've already received a lowball offer or payment from your insurance provider, you should know that it doesn't have to be the end of the road.

You Have the Right to Hire Your Own Insurance Damages Expert

If you don't like what the adjuster hired by your insurance firm has to say or you think they overlooked something, you can hire your own attorney and your own expert to push back and tell the insurer that they need to come back to the table if they want to avoid a lawsuit. An independent insurance damages pro will assess the situation from a neutral standpoint and won't go looking for any excuse to reduce the payout on behalf of the insurance provider.

Trying to Appeal Your Offer or Payout Without an Expert By Your Side Could Lead to a Lot of Wasted Time

Your first reaction upon getting denied or a low payout on your initial claim might be to use the insurer's suggested process for appeals. But you need to understand that what most insurers want you to do in this situation is just drop the matter and stop trying to get more money out of them. You might have to deal with long delays for "processing" or you might get ping-ponged from one representative of the company to another with no one taking ownership of the issue.

A Clear Report From Your Own Expert Can Stop the Run Around and Get You the Payout You Should Have Received From the Start

Once a dedicated expert makes it crystal clear that your situation obviously meets the terms and conditions of your insurance policy and that you deserve far more money than you've been paid or offered to this point, it's amazing just how fast the insurance company will cooperate. Hiring your own expert (and maybe an attorney too) can make it clear that if the insurer doesn't pay up now, they are likely looking at even more trouble in court. 

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