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Is Everyone Listed? Who You Need To Add To Your Auto Insurance Policy

If you're going to buy new auto insurance, now's the time to think about the policy. This is especially important with regard to the people in your home. You might think you only need to add yourself to your new policy. But, that might not be the case. Read the list provided below. If you have any of these drivers in your home, be sure to add them to your auto insurance as soon as possible. 


If you have a teenager in your home, now's the time to add them to your auto insurance. If they don't have their driver's licenses yet, you might not think you need to add them to your policy. That's not the case though. If your teenager will be learning to drive soon, they need to be on your auto insurance policy. That way, you're protected if they're in a car accident. 

Adult Children

If you have adult children who have moved back home, now's the time to talk to your insurance agent. If they're going to be driving your car, they'll need to get added to your insurance policy. But, there's another reason to add your adult children to your auto insurance. You can save money on your insurance when you have a family policy. 

Elderly Parents

If you're moving your elderly parents into your home, add them to your auto insurance policy. This is especially important if your parents are going to cancel their own insurance. If they're not covered on your policy, you could be held liable for any car accidents they get into while driving your car. If you don't plan to let your parents drive your car, you might think you can keep them off your policy. You never know when an emergency situation will arise. If that happens, you want to know that you're protected against liability if your parents drive your car. 

Household Employees

If you have household employees, don't forget to add them to your auto insurance. This is especially important in regards to childcare providers, and in-home healthcare providers. Household employees may need to drive your car from time to time. Because of that, you need to make sure that you have the right coverage. That way, you don't risk personal injury claims should an accident occur.  

Don't take chances with your auto insurance. If you're not sure who you need to have on your policy, talk to your auto insurance agent right away.